Minimalist 4 Wick Candle Bowl

4 Wick Soy Candle Bowl


These sleek, low profile bowls are a versitile accent piece for any decor style. Clear minimalistic style vessels have four wicks, allowing for maximun scent throw. These beautiful candles are available in all your favorite scents, and hold 14oz of fragraced soy wax.


Candle bowls measure 4.75" x 4.75" x 2.25"


**Please note these candles are made to order and may require a slightly longer processing time.


Made with 100% Natural Soy wax hand poured into a reusable glass bowl. We use only Eco friendly, lead-free cotton wicks and high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils in all our candles. No dyes or chemicals are added. Each 14oz candle burns approximately 36hrs.

Minimalist 4 Wick Candle Bowl