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Spring is in the air!

Spring has sprung at the little gray house!

We are bringing all the fresh, fruity and floral scents of the season to life with our new spring collection.

Our classics collection has also added a few exciting new scents. 

With a brand new sample box, room sprays, wax melts and of course our classic mason jar candles, you are sure to find something you love.

Dry Plants

Spring Collection

The Power of Scent

Scent is such an amazing sense. It can affect our emotions and mood, or even trigger memories of a specific time in our lives.


You can use scent to transform your home into a cozy comforting space, or an energized exciting one. The choice is all yours, and we are happy to help you achieve your vision. 

-LGH Candle Co.


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Third Street Mamaroneck, New York

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